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UC students make physics and Christmas themed projects for extra credit

By Jim Lambert
Several students in Mrs. Donna Hofmann’s Physics and Forensics Science classes at Union Catholic have been using their creative flair and earning some extra credit recently by doing fun-filled projects.
For the second straight year, Mrs. Hofmann has offered her students extra credit for completing physics/Christmas themed decorations.
The projects students have done include non accelerating ornaments, glitter covered decorations that demonstrates torque and equilibrium, a free falling Santa, and Newton’s cradle, which shows energy conservation.
“I like the students to really understand that physics is a part of their lives whether they are in the classroom or not,’’ said Mrs. Hofmann. “This (project) makes it more applicable. Even just by researching what to do they see how important physics is in their lives. They are always asking for extra credit projects, so I came up with a way for them to illustrate and communicate a physics concept that you encounter everyday, but in a fun way. They really ran with it and did a great job with their projects.’’
Mrs. Hofmann’s students have enjoyed doing the projects.
“It was a great opportunity to do something creative and fun,’’said Andrew Palacio, who made a non accelerating ornament. “I really liked doing it.’’
“Creating a Christmas ornament or a Christmas decoration for the class is very creative and exciting,’’ said Jennifer Lynes, who made a miniature decorative see-saw to demonstrate the balancing of torques.
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