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By Jim Lambert

John Mopper delivered his very powerful, captivating and enlightening presentation on bullying, “Thank You to the Bully’’, to the freshmen at Union Catholic on Tuesday morning in the school auditorium.

Mopper, a co-owner and therapist at Blue Print Mental Health in Somerville, emphasized mindfulness, personal strength, and how to identify what bullying is during his presentation, which kept the students engaged for the entire hour.

Mopper spoke about his personal experience with bullying when he was growing up, showed multiple videos that covered several aspects of bullying, and emphasized how to cope with conflict and conveyed that it’s okay to reach out for help. He also spoke about how overcoming adversity builds resilience and character.

Mrs. Jennifer Dixon, the Director of School Counseling at Union Catholic, felt Mopper’s presentation was very beneficial to the students.

“We are fortunate to welcome John Mopper back again this year,’’ said Mrs. Dixon. “He was well received by the students last year. His message about resilience and taking back control of our lives and how we react to negative circumstances in our lives, and people who may try to “bully’’ us is an important message. It’s a message of empowerment, and that’s something we try to instill in our students.’’
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