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UC's Nicholas Schuster had unforgettable experience at Space Camp this summer

 By Jim Lambert

Union Catholic’s Nicholas Schuster had an unforgettable experience last month.

The rising senior at Union Catholic attended the Advanced Space Academy Summer Camp, (July 15-20 in Huntsville, Alabama) on a full scholarship from the Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children (SFIC). Schuster was one of just six high school students from the Newark Archdiocese to receive this unique scholarship opportunity.

“There were a lot of interesting things that I learned while I was there, but the atmosphere of the group around me would probably be the best of it,’’ said Schuster, who lives in Roselle Park. “Each day would be full to the brim with different activities and lectures about various aspects of the space program, other countries space programs, talks from an astronaut about his crystal research on one of the shuttle missions, and many other trust building experiences. I was most impressed by the dedication of everyone that was working there and creating such a welcoming environment for people from around the world to blend into.’’

What was an average day at Space Camp like?

“A crew trainer, basically someone that would look after a certain group, would turn on the lights and give you a limited time before breakfast,’’ said Schuster. “After all of the people had finished eating, or the time for the meal ran out, we’d dump our leftovers into different bins to measure food waste. Then the crew trainer, the day trainer before evening and the night trainer for after evening, would take you to your scheduled activity, whether it be finalizing your rocket payload or back to another lecture. This would repeat for lunch and then dinner, with the entire day being absolutely full of something to do.’’

Schuster, who hopes to go into the science field and has had a strong interest in space for the last few years, is grateful he had the opportunity to learn about something he’s so passionate about.

“This was a once in a lifetime experience that I was allowed to participate in,’’ said Schuster.
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