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Several UC faculty members attended AP Conferences this summer

By Jim Lambert
Several faculty members at Union Catholic gained valuable information and insights into various teaching methods while attending AP Conferences this summer, which will be implemented to enhance the learning environment for the students at UC.
Union Catholic’s Advanced Placement teachers, Mrs. Marla James, Mrs. Mary Jo Raite, Mrs. Kathleen Sagendorf, and Mrs. Kathleen Webber, attended the 2018 AP Annual Conference in Houston, Texas from July 19-21.
Meanwhile, Union Catholic Art Teacher Mrs. Rebecca Schroppe attended the 2018 Advanced Placement Institute (API) for AP Art History at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta, Ga. from June 11-15. This newest addition to Union Catholic’s AP offerings will begin in September with 16 students in Studio 112.
At the AP Conference in Houston, Mrs. James presented a workshop titled “Creating Discussions with Gen Z,” on Friday, July 20. While attending numerous workshops, presentations, and keynotes throughout the the three-day event, all four faculty members gathered exciting information and resources to share with the Union Catholic AP Team.
“The AP Conference in Houston was an awesome opportunity to learn more about AP courses, reflect on best practices, and network with other teachers to find effective teaching methods to incorporate in the classroom,’’ said Mrs. Sagendorf. “They had some incredible speakers, including Dr. Chris Emdin, who encouraged teachers to always seek to be better. He emphasized that rigor does not have to equate to boredom and to always be our authentic selves in the classroom. It was a wonderful professional development. We were so grateful to the administration, especially our AP Coordinator (Mrs. Noreen Andrews) for the chance to go. This conference left each of us with a sense of renewed enthusiasm and I can’t wait to share what we learned upon our return to school in September!’’
Mrs. Schroppe had a great experience at The Savannah College of Art and Design.   

"The API for APAH at SCAD was amazing,'' said Mrs. Schroppe. "The overall experience was extremely inspiring and educational. The focus of the workshop was on, but not limited to, AP Art History content, course materials, resources, lesson planning and pacing. I was in a class with about 15 other art educators. The instructor for the workshop, David Malady, was really wonderful and sent us away with a multitude of resources we could share with our students and other AP educators at our schools.''
"SCAD was an amazing host for the API and had some really cool events planned for us,'' added Mrs. Schroppe. "We received private tours of the campus buildings and were invited to two evening receptions on the Atlanta campus, both left us with memorable experiences. The first was at SCAD Pad, see link below for more information. The second was SCAD FASH, see link below for more information. Exhibits on display at SCAD FASH during our cocktail reception were 'Dressing for Dystopia' and 'Pierre Cardin: Pursuit of the Future'.
"It was an incredible learning experience overall, all spaces throughout the SCAD campus are designed to inspire and ignite your imagination,'' Mrs. Schroppe said. "It was a super cool environment to learn in, one I will never forget. I am extremely fortunate to work for an administration that supports and encourages professional development of this level. I am thankful to Noreen Andrews for allowing me the opportunity to experience one of the most productive and inspirational professional development workshops yet. I am also very excited to share my SCAD Atlanta experience with my students, especially those who may want to go on to major in art after UC. I can now share firsthand knowledge about the campus and what it has to offer."
Mrs. Schroppe is very excited about AP Art History being offered to students at Union Catholic 
"I'm grateful for the opportunity to expand my course offerings in the art department at UC. Adding AP Art History is very exciting to me since it was my favorite course to study during my own college education. Yes, as of June we had 16 students officially registered for the course, which I think is an impressive number to launch the course! I am moved by the number of students who have shown interest in taking the course and look forward to teaching them in Studio 112 this fall.''
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