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Union Catholic classes collaborate on progressive story for RCAN

By Jim Lambert
Three classes at Union Catholic recently completed an exciting project for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark (RCAN) by collaborating with students from Immaculate Conception High School in Lodi on a progressive story that will be published by RCAN in an on-line book.
Mrs. Michele Donegan’s freshman English classes at UC and Ms. Kathy Webber’s junior English class at UC along with an English class at Immaculate Conception in Lodi were the collaborative authors on the story, "The Mysterious Moon".
“We (Union Catholic) were notified by RCAN that they were doing this project and they asked if anyone was interested, so Michele and I volunteered,’’ said Ms. Webber. “Michele’s classes got the ball rolling by writing an introduction, and then the next class (Immaculate Conception) added to the story. My class did the final part of the story, so we were responsible for coming up with the title and the ending. The three classes really put together a very good flowing story.’’
Mrs. Donegan is very proud of the job her classes did and how well the classes worked together to create and deliver this wonderful story introduction which allowed the story to continue and progress well.
“All three classes came together and did a great job putting this story together,’’ said Mrs. Donegan. “My class was really excited to be part of this project and they worked very hard on it. We’re proud to represent Union Catholic is such a positive way.’’
UC junior Thomas Jaworski did the illustrations for the logo and for the characters, and UC junior Emily Figueroa took the outline and wrote out the story.
“It was nice to express myself in such a creative way,’’ said Figueroa, who lives in Roselle. “It was a pretty cool project to do because I love writing stories, and this was an opportunity for me to really show what I can do.’’
Jaworski, who already has a strong background in graphic design, painted a picture in his head of what he wanted the logo to look like.
“In my mind I visioned the way the logo should look,’’ said Jaworski, who lives in Far Hills. “I have experience with logo design and I want to major in graphic design in the future, so I know the way of graphic designing.’’
Jaworski said that he and his classmates are very proud of the work they did.
“It was a huge honor and I’m very proud of what we did,’’ said Jaworski. “I believe in good type makes a good logo, and a good logo motivates people. This logo will show people the way of the story. I really loved this project because it gave us all a chance to use our gifts for Union Catholic.
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