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Random Acts of Kindness are on display at Union Catholic

By Jim Lambert
It was only fitting that on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, a random act of kindness was on display at Union Catholic.
The scenario unfolded on Wednesday morning when freshman Daniel Jaworski approached the vending machine by the gym and saw a sign on the machine that read -
“You are the recipient of a……
Random Act of Kindness
Please use the enclosed $$ for a snack! Enjoy
Please Spread Kindness to someone else today.
When Jaworski opened the attached envelope that had the letters RAK (Random Act of Kindness) on it, he found a dollar inside.
“It was a nice surprise,’’ said Jaworski. “Usually someone does something for a reason, but this was just random, which made it nice. It’s very thoughtful.’’
Where did this random act of kindness come from?
Mrs. Michele Donegan came up with the idea for students in her freshman English writing classes at Union Catholic to surprise people with random acts of kindness, which coincidentally is part of UC's Lenten Challenge.
“For the next two weeks my writing classes are on a secret mission to drop random acts of kindness on unsuspecting people throughout the building,’’ said Mrs. Donegan. “I want my students to feel how nice it is to make someone happy through a random act of kindness. My students are brainstorming for ideas and writing cards and notes, finding quotes and poems, and making posters that we will use for this. And after we are done with the random acts of kindness ,l will tie it into some reflective writing assignments.’’
Mrs. Donegan’s students have already surprised UC faculty members Mrs. Barbara Dellanno and Ms. Lisa Kawalec, and are planning several more random acts of kindness throughout the school.
“We are trying to do things in the school to show how much people are appreciated,’’ said Mrs. Donegan. “Hopefully this will have a ripple effect.’’
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