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Feature Friday: UC's Alexis Roth excels as a gymnast and a student

In our latest installment of Feature Friday, we shine the spotlight on Union Catholic senior Alexis Roth.
Roth is one of the top gymnasts in the state, is a Student Ambassador, and a member of the National Honor Society.  
Here is our Q and A with Roth-   

What are your biggest personal goals in gymnastics this season as far as point totals, and placing at the county and state tournaments, and what are the goals for the team this season? 

I have a personal goal of earning a 37 in the all-around, but my biggest goal is bringing new skills to competition, like a shoot-over release on bars, a tsuk layout on vault, and a 1 ½ twist dismount off beam. The team has goals of surpassing 100 points, qualifying for sectionals, and feeling confident at competitions.

I know you finished second in the AA (all-around) last year at the county championships, so what would it mean to you to finish first this year and how big of a goal is that for you?

There are so many talented gymnasts in our county that honestly, I’m not focused on where I place, only that I achieve personal bests and do my part to help the team place well.  I’m hoping to be in the mix at counties and to perform well enough to make my coaches, team and school proud.

You represent the school in so many positive ways. One of those ways is as a Student Ambassador. What do you enjoy the most about being a Student Ambassador and what does it mean to you to represent the school in that role? 

I love being able to represent UC at so many events and strengthening my skills as a public speaker. It means so much to be an ambassador because the school has done so much for me, and I want to be able to express that to the community. I enjoy sharing my love for UC!

How and when did you start out in gymnastics?

My mom and dad signed me up for a beginner gymnastics class when I was four and I never looked back. I started competing at 6 years old and have stuck with my club team for my entire career.

At what point did you realize that you had a special talent as a gymnast and could be one of the best in the state? Was there a particular meet when you really made a big breakthrough that really surprised you and made you feel you could go far in the sport?     

I think I just always loved the sport and never really put the pressure of rankings and where I placed on myself.  Honestly, I think when I was selected to be on the US Gymnastics Level 9 Eastern National Team in 2022 it was a moment where I sat back and looked at what I had accomplished and realized I had reached a huge milestone in the sport.

What’s your favorite event in gymnastics and why? 

Definitely the beam because it’s the perfect combination of challenge and creativity.  On beam you need to be hyper focused and when you get into the rhythm, the routine flows perfectly. When you nail a beam routine, it is the best feeling ever!

Who is your favorite gymnast?

US Olympic medalist Aly Raisman. She has done so much for the sport of gymnastics on and off the mat and is just someone I really look up to for inspiration.

What do you love the most about being a gymnast and about being a member of the team here at UC?

There are so many things. Gymnastics is such a unique sport in that you compete as both an individual and a team, so you have to stay motivated and challenge yourself, but you also have the support of great teammates who make the experience so much more rewarding. At UC, I’m lucky to have incredible teammates who are also some my best friends.  Our team has two great coaches, Coach Sue and Coach Megan who encourage us, understand our strengths and weaknesses, and really want the best for us as individuals and as a team.

Besides being a Student Ambassador, Connection Crew Co-President, and a gymnast, can you list all the things you are involved in at UC (clubs etc.) and your academic achievements (honor roll etc.)  

I am involved in the Imagine Program as a Peer Mentor, the Health and Medical Club, a class representative, varsity cheerleader, and manager of the girls’ lacrosse team. I am also a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society.

Can you explain how the balance between academics, and extracurricular activities has helped you become a better student, and how important it is to be involved in so many different things?

I think working to find the balance between academics and extracurriculars has helped me to stay disciplined and use my time wisely.  I have learned how to use breaks at practice to work on school work, and make sure that I am organized and working efficiently so I don’t waste time.  It’s so important to be involved in the school community, in my sport, and to be working hard on my academics to find new opportunities to learn and grow.

What did you love the most about being a student at Union Catholic?

I loved the opportunity to take challenging courses and unique electives, work with amazing teachers, and finding my best friends.

Why and how did you decide that UC was the place for you to be? What was it about UC that made you want to be a student here?

From the first open house visit, it felt like home and I immediately knew this is where I wanted to spend the next four years. UC has incredible school spirit and it’s contagious and exciting to be around.

What kind of advice would you give to younger students who are considering attending UC? Why should they come to UC and what will UC give them that they won’t be able to find at other schools?

I would suggest that you get involved in as many activities as possible – especially things out of your comfort zone. There are so many clubs, athletic and social events, and ways to get involved in the community.  UC has the most supportive teachers and administration, so it is super important to advocate for yourself and reach out when you need guidance. It is a community here like no other, so take advantage of everything UC has to offer!

What is something about yourself that most people don’t know? Maybe a hidden talent like or a hobby?

I worked as a coach this summer for a local dive team.  I had never coached diving before but my skills as a gymnast really helped. It was an incredible and rewarding experience and the team had a great season.

What town do you live in?


What would you like to study in college and do you plan to continue competing in gymnastics on the college level? You are obviously talented enough to compete anywhere!

Thank you! I’m planning to study health sciences in college with the goal of becoming an occupational therapist. I’m not currently looking to compete in collegiate gymnastics, but I hope to pursue some other interests and activities, like cheerleading or acro and tumbling. I haven’t closed the door to gymnastics in college, but I am looking forward to having more free time, focusing on my studies and giving my knees some time to heal.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

I hope to be working as an occupational therapist in acute care, live somewhere warm and sunny, and stay involved in gymnastics through coaching.

Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I love to spend time with my friends and family and work at my part-time job as a sales associate.

Favorite class and teacher at UC?

It has to be a tie between Spanish with Senora Portillo and Writing with Mrs. Donnelly!

Favorite UC Event?

I love going to watch Mr. UC every year.

Favorite UC memory so far?

Cheering at the basketball state game this past winter

Favorite UC Core Value and why?

Community because it is what makes me love UC so much – everyone is so welcoming and there are so many opportunities to give back.

Life Motto?

We rise by lifting others.

One word to describe your UC experience?


Share one tip for members of UC’s Class of 2027?

Don’t blink, it goes by so fast and enjoy every minute!