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Union Catholic's Class of 2023 Graduates


Blue caps spiraled in the air under the bright sunny sky when Union Catholic’s Class of 2023 graduated during a ceremony held in front of the school on Wednesday. 
The 161 members of the Class of 2023 let their emotions flow as they celebrated their memorable achievement with classmates, family, friends, and members of the Union Catholic faculty and staff on a beautiful day on the campus.
Union Catholic’s 58th annual Commencement Ceremony was an emotional, exciting, uplifting, and reflective event as a huge crowd gathered to honor UC’s Class of 2023, and members of UC’s Class of 1973, who celebrated their 50th anniversary.
To watch the entire graduation ceremony, go here
The day was also filled with inspiring, passionate, and heartfelt speeches from Principal Sister Percylee Hart, RSM, UC senior Gabriella Mouris, the Valedictorian, Olivia Cassidy, the Student Council President, and Commencement Speaker Tonna Obaze.
Obaze, a member of UC’s School Consultative Board and a Union Catholic graduate from the Class of 2015, is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor focused on helping underserved communities discover their potential and pursue their purpose. Obaze is Founder and CEO of Tonna&Co — an impact advisory firm providing management consulting and strategic services to purpose driven organizations.  She has served as a chief of staff, an investor and strategist at Goldman Sachs, has consulted and collaborated with various Fortune 500 companies and executives from Google, Harvard Business School, the University of Pennsylvania Center for Social Impact Strategy, and Mount Sinai Hospital.  
Obaze gave the Class of 2023 some great advice, and said life is filled with roads, highways, and stop lights that force you to stop, pause, and go. 
“This graduation is your stop light. It's the last one before you get on the highway,’’ said Obaze. “But it's far from the last stoplight you will face. This is your moment to take it all in. You’ve been going and going since Freshman Orientation. And in those final weeks of senior year, I’m sure you felt the light turn yellow. Instead of looking to speed up, you wanted to slow down —to savor the memories and moments just a little bit longer.

The light is about to turn green now. You can’t stand still. You can’t stop time. But you can take a breath, reflect, and decide what direction you’ll take. The green light on your future, the next part of your story, the road to your purpose begins today. Life is your highway, and Class of 2023, we are all so excited to see where you’ll go.’’

Sister Percylee Hart delivered a special message to the Class of 2023 with her usual passion and great words of wisdom.
"Class of 2023, here at Union Catholic, things are better, change abounds, and advances have been made because of you,'' said Sister Percylee. "Your presence will be missed as you pursue your college and career goals. But your many contributions will remain as a valued  testament of your talents and gifts you so generously shared with the UC Community. Graduates, I wish you much success and happiness, and may God Bless you all the days of your lives. And don’t forget to come back to UC. You are always welcome.’’ 
Cassidy, who will attend the University of Connecticut, talked about how perspectives change over the years and how the Class of 2023 has unlimited potential.
“I came into Union Catholic wanting to be liked by everyone, trying to please everyone, needing a perfect grade in every class, and not being true to myself,’’ said Cassidy. “Now I can say, I am able to stand up for myself, I am able to speak my opinion and fight for what I want, I am able to take challenges that have brought me down and rise back up, and I picked people to bring with me into college who will help me grow even more. My whole perspective has changed. What matters to me changed, my dreams changed, and my ambitions changed. We will always be able to adapt to new circumstances and challenges. Maybe not right now, but maybe 5 years from now when we have a new perspective to the situation. Life is all about continual growth.
Union Catholic has brought in the class of 2023 as a group of kids with one perspective and now is helping them depart with a whole new one. A perspective that can handle just about anything with a collection of values that will carry us throughout college and the future. There is no end to our potential. 
On behalf of the Class of 2023, I would like to thank all of our teachers, faculty and family for your unwavering support throughout the past four years.  Thank you to all my classmates.  Every single one of you has either touched my heart, taught me a lesson, or helped me think about the world a little differently. I wish you all the best in the future and congratulations to Union Catholic High School’s class of 2023!’’
Mouris, who will attend Boston College, said love will guide the Class of 2023 into the future.  
“As we embark on the next chapter of our lives, let us remember that love is not only a force of the past but also a guiding light for the future,’’ said Mouris. “It will impact the choices we make, the careers we pursue, and the relationships we form. It will shape the individuals we become and the legacies we leave behind. It will inspire us to approach challenges with grace, to uplift others, and to create positive change in the world.
Leaving Union Catholic for the last time today, let us express our deepest gratitude to the teachers who have nurtured our minds, the parents who have showered us with love, and the friends who have become our second family. Their unwavering support that has helped us reach this point. 
In the words of my favorite band, The Mountain Goats, “Some moments last forever, those that are colored with love. Love will lead you by the hand, into a sound and glorious land.” Let us be the bearers of love, illuminating the path ahead and creating a future filled with compassion, understanding, and endless love.
Thank you, and congratulations to the Class of 2023!’’ 

Here's a look at some of the members of the Class of 2023 who received special awards that were handed out during the ceremony:
The Spirit Award: Matthew Schutz
The Michael Marotti Award: George Miller
The Jane Albert Award: Kevin Caffrey
The School Consultative Board Award: Alexandra Bonn and Kaleigh Gunsiorowski 
The Principal’s Award: Casey Arias
Here’s an alphabetical list of Union Catholic's 161 members of the Class of 2023
Clarissa Afful
Oluwadamilola Agbetoyin
Ashley Almeida
Casey Arias
Kyle Babernitsh
Julianna Bara
Justin Bautista
Alana Beardsley
Andrew Benvenuto
Macy Billings
Tristan Binenstock 
Andrew Blandon
Magdalen Blicharz
Kurtis Blouin
Alexandra Bonn
Erin Bonner
Thomas Bonner
Gabriela Bosak
Molly Brennan
Courtney Brizard 
Reneka Brutus
Dante Burress
Jordan Bush
Aimee Cabatu-Panlilio 
Kevin Caffrey
Caudell Cajuste
Paige B Campbell
Jacqueline Carey
Nicole Carey
Juliana Carvalho 
Emily Carver
Olivia Cassidy
Adrian Chacon
Nicholas Chirichillo
Madeline Christopher
Ryan Cichocki 
Andrea Colón 
Gabriella Colon
Emma Crevani
Isabella Cruz
Erini Dagiantis
Bridget Davis
Samantha Deering
Seton Dill
Adrianna Dindayal
Erica Dines
Anna Diniz-Lonzetti
Grace Donnelly
Carolyn Dorant-Smith
Christina Doria
Samantha Dreher 
Aidan Dursee 
George Dursee
Job Emogene
Elias Engle
Caroline Evans
Victor Fajardo
Caitlin Farago
Mallory Fella
Mackenzie Flood
Michael Forte
Summer Foster-Bey
Erick Fraga
Nahuel Gallardo
Catherine Glick
Alexander Gonzalez
Gabrielle Green
Adam Gross
Kaleigh Gunsiorowski
Kameron Harris
Veronica Heredia
Michaela Hernandez
Kidere Herron
Aria Hicks
Kassi Horton
Adrian Hou
Rachel Hou
Jane Howlett
Emmitt Johnstone
James Jules
Nicholas Kelly 
Ethan Krall 
Liam Laskowski
Christine Le
Miranda Lemansky
Nicholas Leon
Felix Lettini, Jr.
Tian Liao
Sharon Machado Guzman
Maria Maddi
Michael Mahaffey 
Francesca Mandler
Victoria Mangini
Tyler Martin
Kiera Mason
Noelle Matyi
Javon McKay
Emerson McKindra
Kaitlyn McKnight
Kayla McKnight
George Miller
Abigayle Mitrow
Andrew Montanez
Beatriz Montero
Alexandra Moore
Gabriella Mouris
Charlotte Murphy
Serena Nguyen
Nicklaus Nuzzo  
Maameyaa Nyinah 
Lillian O'Connor
Chimeziri Okeoma
Amaia Onque-Shabazz
Michelle Ozimanic
Jayson Palmer
Caroline Parker
Zachary Patrone
Keida Pereyra 
Owen Pickel
Cristian Poythress
Ryan Pyo
Adela Rakoski
Aaryan Raval
Abinayan Ravichandran
Liam Reddish
Aidan Reidy
Alicia Rodriguez Battaglia
Grace Romanyshyn
Yadhira Rubio
Emma Ruela
Isabella Ruiz
Luis Ruiz
Xavier Santangelo
Marisa Sblendorio
Matthew Schutz
Meghan Sherer
Courtney Shyposh
Madison Smith
Deyalyn Sosa
Jessica Sot
Gabriela Sposato
Luke Talty
Anthony Tarczynski
Matthew Teevan
Ajanae Thompson
Emma Thompson
Christian Townsell
Shaan Trehan
Bryan Tucker
Victoria Urbaez
Angelica Valdez
Sofia Varino
Danielle Wester
Grace Williams
Raheem Williams
Tate Williams
Keyshawn Winchester
Leo Wisnefski
Caitlin Wong
Kevin Woods
Peter Ziegler