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Faculty/Staff Spotlight: Meet Union Catholic's Joe Pellegrino

In our latest installment of Faculty/Staff Spotlight, we shine the spotlight on Union Catholic's Joe Pellegrino.
Here is our Q and A with Pellegrino -  
Faculty/Staff Member: 
Joe Pellegrino
Years of service at Union Catholic

2 1/2 years as a Maintenance Supervisor 
Graduated from North Plainfield High School, and from Rutgers with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
Did you play sports or were you in any clubs etc. during your high school/college days?  
Played high school football, and recreation basketball, and softball
Before UC:
After high school I worked in residential construction framing and sheet-rocking houses for about 5 years. Then I started and finished college with an Associate Degree in Engineering from Somerset County College, and a BS in Engineering from Rutgers University.
After college, I started as a project engineer at a machine shop and worked there for 15 years. From there, I decided to go back into residential construction and started my own business doing basement, bathroom and kitchen remodels right up until 2020.  
Your UC Journey: 

In 2020, I heard through a friend that UC was looking for a maintenance supervisor, so I applied and the rest is history.  
What do you love the most about working at Union Catholic?
I like having the responsibility of overseeing the maintenance department.  With the school building being so old, there are always repairs or some sort of maintenance issues, and I feel that we handle them in a timely and respectful manner.  Also , the faculty and staff members along with the students are always respectful and courteous toward myself and the other custodians.  
What is your favorite UC memory so far?

Meeting the other custodians during my first week working at UC, and how over time we've become close friends and have a lot in common. 
What do you love the most about being part of the UC community? What makes UC so special?

Having grown up with a father who not only told me, but also showed me to always work hard and put your heart into everything you do no matter what job you have in your life, that's  what I do here at UC every day on the job. And I feel everyone appreciates someone putting all that effort into a day's work.  
What’s something about yourself that most people don’t know that would surprise people?
Well, back in the year 2000, I became friends with some people who taught a form of martial arts called Muay Thai. We ended up starting our own fitness gym in the year 2005 called Weapons 9 Muay Thai. I trained and competed in amateur competitions for a short while. In 2011, one of our students qualified to compete in the World Tournament which was held in Germany that year.I was selected to be one of the coaches for the USA amateur team. The USA team had great success and it happened again, twice in Italy, and once more in Spain.  
The gym is still open and going strong in Dunellen.
Favorite things to do in your spare time?

I love spending time with my 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren. Watching them grow up and being involved with their school and sport activities is priceless. 
Favorite UC Core Value and why?
All five are great values to have, but to me, Respect goes a long way.  You need respect in work relationships as well as love relationships.In general, everyone wants to be respected, feel good about who they are and what they do.But it's just as important to show respect to others such as people in authority positions like parents, teachers, policemen and others..