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Faculty Spotlight: Meet Union Catholic's John Becht

In our latest installment of Faculty Spotlight, we shine the spotlight on John Becht.
Becht is a teacher, Campus Minister, and a moderator for several clubs, including Peer Ministry. 
Here is our Q and A with Becht - 
Faculty Member: John Becht  
Years of service at Union Catholic and positions: 
16th year
Campus Minister
Social Justice Advocate
Diversity Team
Graduated from Union High School in 2001
Graduated from Rutgers University With a B.A. in 2006
Saint Joseph's College of Maine (Online Program) 2021 - M.Ed
Did you play sports or were you in any clubs during your high school/college days?  
Lettered in football and baseball
Before UC: What did you do after you graduated from college and before you started working at UC?
After college, I worked for SHI, a software reseller in an inside sales position for one year. 
Your UC Journey: How did you wind up at UC as a teacher? How did this all happen?
When I was in college, I helped out with the Summer Baseball Program here at UC - coaching with Mr. Luciano and Dr. Reagan. While I was working in my inside sales position at SHI, I got a call from Dr. Reagan in May of that year in which he informed me that UC was looking to hire a few new teachers. I interviewed a few times that spring, and in June of 2007, Sister Percylee offered me a position teaching in the Religion Department. 
Biggest changes you’ve seen at UC since you’ve been here?
The biggest changes I've seen here at UC have been in the area of technology.  When I started students would have to print their assignments and emails were rarely sent.  Now we have Canvas, Social Media, and countless other interactive tools in which students can grow and connect.
What clubs (obviously Peer Ministry) do you moderate, and what are some things your clubs are currently working on/planning?
Campus Ministry – right now we’re preparing for the Thanksgiving Mass and possibly a fundraiser or two for the Christmas season.
African American Cultural Appreciation Club – we’re in the process of brainstorming ideas and events for the rest of the school year
As a campus minister, you have a very important responsibility to be a spiritual leader at UC, and you have done a great job in that role. What do you enjoy the most about your position as a spiritual leader, and how important it is to always keep God in our midst?
I enjoy giving people within UC the opportunity to share their faith in different ways. Whether it’s a discussion or a service activity, giving people the chance to express their faith is very rewarding. Being part of a Catholic School/Community offers so many opportunities to express your connection and faith in God which is very important.  It is extremely rewarding to know that my day to day has so many different and unique chances to experience God in my life. 
What do you love the most about teaching and working at Union Catholic?
I love connecting and being a member of this awesome school and school community.  From fellow teachers, support staff, administration, students and their families, it such a special place.  Everyone is gracious and respectful and wants the best for each other.
What do you love the most about being part of the UC community? What makes UC so special?
Again it’s the people.  Everyone is here to support and build each other up.  From the first day I walked in, everyone has been there for each other. 
What’s something about yourself that most people don’t know? 
I think from a student’s perspective, it's that I have a life outside of UC. I love when I run into students outside of UC and they’re shocked that I’m off the UC Campus doing regular every day things. They’re also shocked when I tell them I played sports in high school.

Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
I love spending time with my family and friends.  I love being outside whether it's going for a walk or spending a day at the beach. I just try to be outside as much as possible.
What is your favorite UC memory?
My favorite day of the school year is the Christmas Mass (the day before Christmas break). Traditionally, the alumni visit and it’s just a great day filled with joyous anticipation. One year, just as Mass was ending, it started to snow. When everyone was dismissed it was pure jubilation.
Favorite UC Core Value and why?
Compassion – I feel that the teachers, administration, and support staff go above and beyond for the benefit of others day in and day out. A little side note, I was a member of the committee that put the core values together.  It was a very long process, but it’s always rewarding to see all these years later, the core values still play a role here at UC.