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UC's Agyapong, Hiel, and Hunsinger achieve perfect test scores

Union Catholic's Yvonne Agyapong earned a perfect score on the math portion of the SAT, and Ava Hiel and Abby Hunsinger each achieved perfect scores on the reading portion of the ACT.
Hiel is very excited to have earned the perfect score, and says that hard work pays off.
"This accomplishment means a lot to me because it proves that hard work pays off,'' said Hiel. "I have been extremely lucky to receive the outstanding academic opportunities that have led me to this point. I believe these factors will motivate me to take pride in my education and strive to make similar accomplishments in my future endeavors.''
Hiel also said it was a great surprise when she found out her score.
"I was pleasantly surprised to see a perfect score because I left the school on testing day feeling very uncertain about the results I would see,'' said Hiel, whose top college choices are Catholic University, Villanova, Boston College and TCNJ.
"Finding out I did better than expected was undoubtedly very invigorating and fulfilling. This experience has definitely taught me to have more confidence in my abilities. 
Hunsinger felt a sense of relief when she got her scores back. 
"Getting a perfect score means a lot because it reflects how much work I put into achieving it,'' said Hunsinger.  "Although most schools are test-optional this year, I was still worried that if my scores weren't up to par with my academic record, it would send the wrong message. Therefore, it was a relief to see a positive reflection of my academic commitment in my score.' When I saw my score, I was shocked. I was hoping for a good score, but was pleasantly surprised to see how well I did in certain sections.''
Hunsiger, who is hoping to decide between Boston University, Tufts University, Lehigh University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Bentley University, and some other schools, hopes to study global business or quantitative economics in college. She hopes to have a career involving economics or international relations and travel in the process.
Agyapong, who would like to study neuroscience or cognitive science in college, said there was a lot of excitement in her home when word spread about her perfect score.  
It was pure hysteria when I found out,'' said Agyapong, who is considering the Ivy League and Stanford, and a whole host of other schools. "I had been trying to open my score all day and it wasn’t there. It just so happened that the exact instance my dad came home that I checked again and it was there. Four of my sisters were home and we were screaming all across the house. My mom was screaming. My dad was shocked. They were all telling me on the stairway how proud of me they were and that if there was anyone who could have done it, they knew it was me. It was an amazing feeling. It really means a lot to receive this score. It’s very comforting to know that I don’t have to worry about a good SAT score anymore!''