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Union Catholic inducted 128 students into the National Honor Society

Union Catholic proudly inducted 128 students into the National Honor Society during a special ceremony at the school on Thursday night.
After an opening prayer by Principal Sister Percylee Hart, RSM, and opening remarks by National Honor Society Advisor Ms. Patty Nuwer (UC Class of 2001), senior inductees Michael Palacio, Andrew Abrantes, Ava Perona, and Yvonne Agyapong, all delivered inspirational speeches. Palacio spoke about character, Abrantes about service, Perona about leadership, and Agyapong about scholarship.
Keynote speaker Mrs. Jane Bowman (UC Class of 2014), UC’s Director of Enrollment and Retention and Athletic Department Assistant, concluded the ceremony with an engaging speech. 
"My name is Jane Bowman and I am honored to be speaking to you all this evening,'' said Mrs. Bowman. "To our inductees, congratulations and welcome to the National Honor Society. You have worked so hard to be here today and you should be extremely proud. I speak from experience and know exactly how hard you’ve worked as I, a short nine years ago (that feels like yesterday), was also inducted right here in the Union Catholic cafeteria. I remember that night very clearly. I remember the pride that I felt in being recognized for this achievement and the energy of excitement in the room. Take tonight to feel that pride, but use your tomorrow’s to challenge yourselves. Each and every one of you has proven to go above and beyond to achieve your goals. Never lose that drive and challenge yourself to dream new goals and work towards them. Pursue not only knowledge, but a love of learning. I encourage you to never stop learning. My father once quoted Albert Einstein to me, saying “true genius is knowing where to find the answer,” and that has always stuck with me. You don’t always need to be the smartest in the room or know all of the answers, but instead use any and all resources available to you. Ask questions. Dig deeper. Never stop learning or working towards your goals, no matter how big or small they are. With the determination, perseverance and work ethic that you all have proven to have, paired with a passion for learning, you are prepared to go out into the world and overcome your generations biggest challenges. This will never happen without hardship. With this, I encourage you to lean on your Union Catholic family, even once you’ve left these halls, as each and every one of us supports you and believes in you. You are the future. And your future is bright. Push yourselves to reach your full potentials and go forward after tonight building on your successes and challenging yourselves to new levels of greatness. Congratulations, inductees!''
The following Union Catholic students have met all the requirements set forth by the National Honor Society.
 Class of 2022 Inductees
Andrew Abrantes             Caroline Mehno 
Yvonne Agyapong            Andrew Michel
Camari Bartley                 Michael Minniti
Taylor Benjamin               Evelyn O’Connor
Olivia Bergamotto            Ashlee Okunonke
Joylynn Awurama Biney  Grace Ollen
Shane Brosnan                Kimberly Pacceli
Adrianna Chelak              Michael Palacio
Adrian Colon                    Olivia Patikowski
Jordyn Dabney                 Giulia Patti    
Christina DeLucca            Daniela Peralta    
Brandon Di Dario              Alexis Pereira
Jahi Dillard                        Ava Perona
Emma Donnelly                Paige Phelan
Esme Dorcellus                Emma Prati
Ayomide Egbejoda           Jada Mia Puryear
Tenajah Eldridge              Juliana Rama
Mikaila Farrell                   Rory Reis        
Gabriella Gabel                Anastasia Rengifo    
Abigail Granrath               Kayla Riley
Emme Haddad                 Alexa Rodriguez
Katharine Hall                  Roselle Rodriguez
Annie Hartnett                 Nadine Rouba
Ava Hiel                           Ethan Scariati
Abigail Hunsinger            Meghan Schirm    
Brianna Hutchinson         Joseph Sebastian
Collin Jones                     Reema Sharma
Allison Julve                    Kiran Swift
Isabella Kaczan               Brian Touma
Julian Kaniuka                 Abhijay Upadhyay
Courtney Renee Lucius   Cassandra Vega
Amanda Lumauig            Christopher Waldron
Feiyang Lyu                     Michael Wansaw
Anthony Madsen             Kylee Watkins 
Olivia Magliacano           Colin Whiteside
Michael Makfinsky           Sophia Wright
Sydney McDonald           Wenhui Yan
Class of 2023 Inductees
Ashley Almeida                Tian Liao
Casey Arias                      Michael Mahaffey
Julianna Bara                   Victoria Mangini
Justin Angelo Bautista     George Miller
Alana Beardsley               Beatriz Montero
Andrew Benvenuto           Alexandra Moore
Magdalen Blicharz           Gabriella Mouris
Kurtis Blouin                     Serena Nguyen
Alexandra Bonn               Amaia Onque-Shabazz
Thomas Bonner               Michelle Ozimanic
Gabriela Bosak                Caroline Parker
Molly Brennan                  Owen Pickel    
Kevin Caffrey                   Ryan Pyo    
Olivia Cassidy                  Grace Romanyshyn
Adrian Chacon                 Matthew Schutz    
Nicholas Chirichillo           Meghan Sherer
Madeline Christopher       Madison Smith
Emma Crevani                 Deyalyn Sosa        
Erini Dagiantis                 Jessica Sot    
Bridget Davis                   Luke Talty    
Grace Donnelly                Matthew Teevan
Christina Doria                 Ajanae Thompson
Erick Fraga                      Christian Townsell
Gabrielle Green               Shaan Trehan 
Kaleigh Gunsiorowski      Bryan Tucker
Adrian Hou                       Angelica Valdez
Rachel Hou                      Caitlin Wong