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UC's Daniel Jaworski has been accepted into the Tisch School of the Arts

Daniel Jaworski had a tough time believing what he was seeing.

The senior at Union Catholic had just found out that he had been accepted into NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and he was understandably overcome with emotion.
The Tisch School of the Arts is one of the country’s preeminent centers for the study of the performing, cinematic, and emerging media arts. 
“I found out the news on December 15th, which happened to be my brother’s birthday (TJ, UC alum ‘19),’’ recalled Jaworski. “My mom told me that she went to the portal and saw that NYU’s decision was available. I logged on thinking that no matter the result, I gave it my all, and I should leave it in God’s hands. I was honestly in disbelief. The first thing I did was to make sure it was my real name in the letter and not someone else’s.’’
When did the reality of what happened start to sink in?

“The moment I knew it was real was when my mom screamed in celebration,’’ said Jaworski. “We had every emotional reaction you can imagine. We hugged, we cried, we laughed.’’ 
Jaworski and his mother quickly shared the exciting news. 
“My sister, my brother and dad weren’t home, but after my mom and I celebrated, we called them right away, and then many more of my extended family members,’’ said Jaworski.
Jaworski, who played the role of Eddie in UC PAC’s Fall Play, "Love (Awkwardly) & (Virtually), and has performed in several UC PAC shows, said it’s a dream come true to become a student at Tisch.   
“This means everything to me,’’ said Jaworski. “Of course, my family, friends and teachers have supported me, and I am so grateful for that. This would’ve been just a dream without those people. However, having a school like NYU Tisch recognize my passion makes me feel like I belong in this talented group. I still have so much to learn, and Tisch is going to give me the platform to do that.’’ 
Union Catholic faculty member John Rotondo, PAC's Fall Play Director, knows first-hand about everything Tisch has to offer.
“As an alumnus of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (2011), I could not be more proud of Danny’s well-deserved acceptance,’’ said Rotondo. “He has shined in his roles in the Performing Arts Company and will continue to grow his gifts and talents as he moves to Tisch’s prestigious program. We wish him all the best.”  
What’s Jaworski’s long term career goal? 
“My ultimate goal is to perform through different mediums to tell different stories,’’ said Jaworski. “I don’t want to just be on the stage for my entire career. I would love to have the opportunity to do voice acting or acting in front of a camera. That also goes for the types of characters I would play. My ultimate goal is to be a very flexible performer in the sense that I can tell any story I want to tell.’’   
What excites Jaworski the most about becoming a student at Tisch?
“I am so excited to perform,’’ said Jaworski. “I know it’s a very simple answer, but it’s true. I remember always looking forward to rehearsals after school because it gave me a chance to perform, and now I have the excuse to do it for class. I also cannot wait to meet so many people with that same drive and excitement for performing.
Also, it doesn’t hurt to be in one of the best cities in the world.’’
Jaworski is extremely grateful for everything he’s learned during his days as a member of UC’s Performing Arts Company.
“If it weren’t for Mrs. Carolan, Mr. Rotondo, Mr. Sagendorf and Mrs. Doherty, I would definitely not be where I am today,’’ said Jaworski. “They taught me how to react under pressure, to be confident in my skills, and to be collaborative with others. They held us to a high standard and they made sure we met it in UC PAC. I still remember in my sophomore year when they told me I was going to be Galahad for Spamalot. I was terrified but I knew that they trusted me with this character and that I would try to tell the best story I could tell.’’
Jaworski said there are many people he’d like to thank for helping him get where he is.   
“I want to thank the cast and crew for Spamalot for encouraging me and teaching me so many important lessons,’’ said Jaworski. “They taught me very technical skills about performing while also keeping it light and fun while under pressure. Special shoutout to Nick Mehno, Audrey Davis, Chris Nowicki, Tara Bonner, Jack Carolan, Caitlin Roder, Olivia Rose, Kristen Marie, Calah McCombs, Mia Schutz, Ben Campos, Lauren Marie Diawatan, John McElroy, Jonathan Mizhirumbay, Allison Temo, Sean Thal and Erick Guaman just to name a few.’’
“Finally, I just want to thank the teachers and faculty for being so supportive,’’ said Jaworski. “Last year, I did a show called “All Shook Up” for Mother Seton High School, and Sister Percylee, Mrs. Carolan, Mr. Rotondo, and the cast from Union Catholic’s show, Clue, went to see me perform. That action meant so much to me, and it embodied what makes Union Catholic so great. It looks at its students as individuals, not just as another person in the crowd.’’
Jaworski said it’s important to never stop pursuing your dreams, no matter how many obstacles get in your way.
 “There were many times when I wanted to stop moving forward,’’ said Jaworski. “There were times I was at a low point mentally. There was always a dance choreography that was too embarrassing to learn. There was always a monologue that was too wordy for me to memorize. But every time those thoughts came into my head, I always asked myself, “Is this really going to stop me? Am I going to let everyone else's hard work go to waste because I don’t wanna move forward?'' And I always answer with the same phrase, “If I’m going to fail, I’m going to fail fabulously.”
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