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Sophia Herrera is making her presence felt at Union Catholic

In our latest installment of Feature Friday, we shine the spotlight on Union Catholic senior Sophia Herrera.
Herrera, who lives in Madison, is an Honor Roll student, a Student Ambassador, a member of the volleyball team, she serves as the Media Coordinator on the Student Council Executive Board, and is involved in several other clubs and activities.    
Here is our Q and A with Herrera -

Sophia, you do such a great job representing the school and you are such a great leader at UC! What does it mean to you to represent the school as a Student Ambassador, and what’s the best thing about being an Ambassador?

What representing UC as an Ambassador means to me is that I am capable of anything that I put effort into! I have worked towards this role over my four years of high school. The best thing about being an Ambassador is seeing all my efforts go into helping the school community and my peers.

How about being on the Executive Board as the media coordinator on the Student Council? What do you love the most about serving that role. It must be very gratifying!

When I got the position of Executive Board Media Coordinator for the Student Council, I was ecstatic to be working with fellow students who also sought to bring together the UC community in any ways possible! What I love most about serving as Executive Board is being a part of all the projects and events that bring together the UC community.

You are such a well-rounded student at UC. Can you list everything you are involved in at UC? I know you are in the Student Council, Student Ambassador, volleyball, and Connection Crew. What else? Clubs/activities etc.?

Yes, I started my journey into Student Council as a Homeroom Representative my freshman year! From then, I continued my service in Student Council, strove for a position as an Ambassador, and currently serve as the Media Coordinator. And as for volleyball, I have been a part of the program since the summer before my first year! As I want to pursue a form of media production in the future, I take part in Connection Crew, UCTV, and Livestream at Union Catholic. These clubs/ organizations allow me to further learn and hone my skills as I simultaneously help the UC community!

How about volleyball? How does it feel to be part of one of the best volleyball programs in the state and what are your personal and team goals for the upcoming season?

The reason I've grown so much as a person is all because of volleyball. I’ve not only learned crucial skills on the court, but gained abilities that helped me thrive as a student. The Union Catholic girls volleyball team has taught me leadership, courage, and to strive to better myself every play I make! As my final school volleyball season approaches, I want to focus on making as many memorable moments as possible. Whether it being the team winning at states, or our coach wearing her bright pink Crocs to practice, my goal for the season is to do my best and enjoy every second of it!

Can you explain how the balance between academics, sports and extracurricular activities has helped you become a better student, and how important it is to be involved in different things?

Having to balance time between school work, sports, and community activities is definitely a challenge, but with that being said, it also works as a motivator. I have learned how to properly balance my time and understand how important it is to stay on task. All the activities that I was involved in each served an important role in creating the person I am today. I was actively learning everywhere I went, understanding the importance of being involved.

Can you list all the awards/honors you have received at UC? Honor Roll etc. etc.

From my freshman year of high school to now, I am a part of the High Honor Roll. And additionally, was part of the UC girls volleyball team winning the County Championships in 2019!

What does it mean to you to have achieved so much academic success? It must be very satisfying and exciting to see all your hard work pay off.

Absolutely, Union Catholic has definitely challenged me academically, but with the support of the faculty/ coaches, I have overcome and achieved my school goals.

What did you love the most about being a student at Union Catholic?

The students and faculty! The classes are always so much fun with the teachers. Looking back on all the silly fun moments that I’ve had never fails to make me laugh.

Why and how did you decide that UC was the place for you to be? What was it about UC that made you want to be a student here?

I was always a shy and reserved kid back in public school and entering 8th grade, I realized that I needed a change of pace. I sought out UC for the countless opportunities that the school offered. Ultimately, what drew me to UC was the diversity and the platform to change.

What kind of advice would you give to younger students who are considering attending UC? Why should they come to UC and what will UC give them that they won’t be able to find at other schools?

My advice would be to look for opportunities of chance! UC offers many programs which help each student enhance their desired skills. The support that UC provides helps each student see what they are capable of and realize their potential.

What specifically can you point to as the things that you’ve benefited from the most from your experience as a student at UC?

Being a part of the UCTV team and learning film skills from live stream and digital film class are the things that I have benefited from the most.

What would you like to major in when you attend college, and what type of career would you like to pursue? Plan to play volleyball in college?

When I attend college, I want to pursue media production and one day work on a movie set or shows. And yes, I hope to play volleyball in college.

What is something about yourself that most people don’t know? Maybe a hidden talent or hobby?

I love photography! I enjoy taking pictures, and painting is a hidden talent that I pride myself in. Also, I am currently learning Taekwondo.

Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Hang out with friends! Because of the pandemic, I have cherished the time I share with my friends even more. I always look forward to spending time with them whether it be on zoom or socially distanced!

Favorite class and teacher at UC?

My favorite class has been digital film. I have learned so much regarding what I want to pursue in college and I am excited to keep expanding my talents. Regarding my favorite teacher, it would have to be my volleyball coach,Saggio! She has been such an encouraging coach, and has taught me so much throughout the years.

Favorite UC Volleyball Moment?

My favorite UC Volleyball memory was the summer of 2019 when we traveled to Universal World in Florida to participate in volleyball tournaments! We spent a week overall, the first three days competing against difficult teams from all over the nation, and the rest of the days riding all the roller coasters in Universal!

Favorite UC Moment (non volleyball):

My favorite UC moment I hope will be Prom! I have always looked forward to going to a school prom ,and with all my friends, I know it would be the best memory ever.

Favorite UC Event: A UC event that I always enjoyed was the end of the year trip to Six Flags!

Favorite UC Core Value: Compassion. I believe that this is the most important value because without compassion, we cannot hold honestly, responsibility, community, or respect for others. Compassion is a form of kindness that allows us to better understand ourselves and others.

Life Motto: “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4:18)

One word to describe your UC experience: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Share one tip for members of the Class of 2024: Embrace change!

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