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Rick LaBelle celebrates his five-year Service Anniversary at Union Catholic

As part of Union Catholic’s celebration of service anniversaries, we are taking an inside look at each faculty/staff member who is being honored.
Here is the latest profile -
Service Anniversary Honoree: Rick LaBelle
Years of Service: Five
Position at UC: Teaches Chemistry (Regular, Regular-Adapted, and Fundamentals of Chemistry), and Environmental Science. Has also taught biology. Serves as the boys and girls head tennis coach, the moderator for the versus club, and assists with the Livestreaming program, and with UCTV.
Education: Graduated from Clearwater High School in Florida in 2006. Was a member of Youth in Government.
Graduated from Florida State University in 2010 with a B.S. in Chemistry.
Before UC: Missionary in College Campus ministry for two years in Boston, teacher for four years at a small Catholic school in Plainfield.
Journey to UC: “I was in the process of looking for a new teaching position to be able to grow personally, and professionally. I saw the posting for Union Catholic, and by the Lord’s grace, it went smoothly, and quickly. I’ve loved it ever since.’’
Biggest changes you’ve seen at UC? “A greater ownership by the students of our Core Values.’’
What do you love the most about working at UC? “It would have to be the Community here. It immediately struck me as soon as I joined the school. It can be seen among the staff, and the students.’’
Favorite moment/moments during your time at UC? “Being able to instruct, educate, and relate with this younger generation of learners/individuals. Each class, each year, is totally unique, and has helped me to grow as an educator, and as a person.’’
What are you most proud of when you reflect on your years at UC? “Being able to grow, on a professional and personal level, where I can step aside from what I’ve always done, and adapt to the new situation, and newgeneration we are working with.’’
Something about yourself that most people don’t know? “I used to do competitive gymnastics when I was younger.’’
Favorite thing to do in your spare time? "Read, spend time with friends, play board games.’’
Favorite UC Core Value: ‘’Responsibility. It is my favorite UC Core Value because it’s not only a value that we embrace, but that helps each of us to grow, to mature, and to realize the importance of each and every action, and interaction we have.’’
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