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Union Catholic Renews Time-Honored Tradition with its Junior Ring Ceremony for the Class of 2021

Union Catholic continued a time-honored tradition on Thursday night when the school held its Junior Ring Ceremony for the Class of 2021. The ceremony was part of a special mass held at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and a reception followed at Union Catholic.

Mrs. Catarina Portillo, the co-Junior Class moderator at Union Catholic along with Ms. Tracy Doherty, said the ceremony showed the strong bond between the Union Catholic community and the students.

“The Junior Ring Ceremony is a beautiful celebration that honors the growth of our students both academically and personally,’’ said Mrs. Portillo. “Last night’s ceremony began with a beautiful mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary followed by a celebration in the cafeteria. It was a true symbol of the Union Catholic community coming together to honor the hard work and dedication of our Junior class.’’

Ms. Tracy Doherty highlighted one of the traditions in the ceremony. 

“The Junior Ring Ceremony is a beautiful milestone celebrated with family and our UC community,” said Ms. Doherty. “The students also participated in the traditional turning of the rings to mark their year of graduation. It was a wonderful evening.”

Union Catholic junior Giavanna DiFrancesco said the ceremony meant a lot to the juniors.

“The Junior Ring Ceremony was a rite of passage for me,” said DiFrancesco. “It symbolizes all the memories our class has made so far and the memories we will make over the rest of our high school careers. I really liked the tradition of turning the rings because it was unique and special.”

UC junior Elijah Walker noted how special it was to celebrate this night with his family and his peers.

“This ring reminds me of the lessons I learned in high school, and I know that when I am older and look at my ring I will think about my positive memories from high school and the sports I played and the friends I made," said Walker. "The mass at Immaculate Heart was especially nice since my mom and brother were there to support me.”

UC junior Bari Quinn said the ring is a symbol of the UC journey.

“These rings symbolize all of the memories we have made at UC," said Quinn. "They hold the stories of our UC journey.”

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