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Union Catholic's Robotics Class held a Sumobot Tournament on Tuesday

By Jim Lambert
Ms. Samantha Scutieri’s Robotics 1 class at Union Catholic held a Sumobot Tournament on Tuesday to test out the engineering skills of the students.

The tournament featured four teams, who designed, programmed and developed a robot. The robots squared off in a small ring with the objective being to force its opponent out of the circle just like sumo wrestlers do.
The winner was “Rising Sun Enterprises”, a team comprised of Jaren Mateo, Donte Hennessey, and Zachary Turner. The runner-up team was “Sweet Team Mob’’, which consisted of Daniel Hernandez, Alex Garcia and Elijah Abraham.
The other two teams were “The Shield” (Eddie Ruela, Diego Fajardo, and David Ding), and the “Phantom Thieves’’ (Obadare-John Animashaun, Frederick Lampley, and Patrick Yorke).
Before completing their robots, the students went through a process that involved understanding the challenge, brainstorming solutions, building designs, testing, and a modifications process while documenting the journey from start to finish.
“In our first semester there was an introduction course and the students learned how to build with the LEGO pieces, write the programming, and how do learn to use the sensors,’’ said Ms. Scutieri. “This project was the first time they got the opportunity to put together all the things they learned and go through a much larger engineering design process, which is our main focus this semester.’’
Ms. Scutieri was very pleased with the work her students did.
“This was really exciting,’’ said Ms. Scutieri. “The whole class did a great job during through the whole process. After they did some brainstorming they had to do their initial build and their coding, and we had a scrimmage where they made a list of what worked well and what they needed to make improvements on. They did a great job analyzing what they needed to modify.’’
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