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Summer Assignments

Summer Reading Assignments 2023

This page contains all the listing of assignments each class needs for their summer assignments. All AP courses have a required Summer Assignment. Copies of the summer assignments for AP courses are accessible through Canvas.

Additional Instructions for English Classes

VHS 2023-2024 AP Summer Work

Students are required to complete their summer assignment before their course begins and are to submit the work by the end of Week 1. All summer assignments are intended to review crucial content associated with pre-requisite knowledge for a course, where applicable, as well as to allow students to better understand the rigor associated with the content. VHS Learning asks that students complete the summer work prior to the start of class (for submission during Week 1), but we will allow extensions until the end of Week 3 for students with who register less than a week prior to the class start date or have extenuating circumstances.  Below are links to each summer work assignment. 

AP® Art History

AP® Calculus AB/BC

AP® Computer Science A

AP® Computer Science Principles

AP® Economics

AP® European History

AP® French Language and Culture

AP® Human Geography

AP® Music Theory

AP® Physics C

AP® Psychology

AP® United States Government and Politics

AP® World History